Wunderstars: The 1:1 Monthly Coaching Programme to Fast Track your Results Online with Nicole Osborne

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Wunderstars is a fusion of social media, personal branding and content marketing training and coaching.

Does your online profile reflect your expertise and personality? 

When you sell your services as a small business owner or freelancer, your prospects are likely to do their research. Do YOU like what THEY are seeing on LinkedIn? On Facebook? On your website? If they give your name a cheeky ‘Google’? A carefully crafted personal brand will make it easier to sell yourself and your services online.

Does this sound like you?

  • When someone searches for you on Google or clicks on your LinkedIn profile, what they find is boring
  • Unsure how to make your online personality look more like you to stand out from the crowd
  • You know social media but are out of your depth when it comes to selling yourself on social without sounding like everyone else
  • Crippled with overwhelm, drowning in the free info available about social media and too afraid to even get started
  • Made redundant or returning from a career break and in need of a professional online presence.

What you really need is:

  • To fall back in love with your social media presence and be proud to ask people to connect with you online
  • To find your voice and know exactly who you are when you’re no longer part of a corporate machine
  • To be noticed by the right people with your stand-out and authentic personal brand
  • To be be able to launch a profitable business whilst achieving the work-life balance you had hoped for as a parent
  • To achieve the income you earned from your fulltime job or before your career break. 

I can help you by understanding your learning needs and your ideal audience.


Together, we’ll create authentic personal brand values to help you attract attention from the right people. You will find it easy to create content for your social channels and will build an online presence that presents you as an expert in your field and generates leads.

Why me?

  • I know from personal experience how painful and overwhelming it is to go through redundancy and what an uphill battle it can be to find your mojo. I will be there for you every step of the way.
  • It took me forever to feel comfortable on social media having been part of  a corporate voice for so long but I now stand out as an individual and I can help you do the same.
  • I used my skills as a personal branding expert to create my social media presence, increasing my website traffic by 200%, and social referrals by 150% within 12 months – I can do the same for you with amazing training based on 20 years marketing experience and my extensive network.

Wunderstars will enjoy:

A 1:1 Monthly Coaching Programme with access to

  • Me for one 90 minute strategy session each month – to help you set marketing and financial goals and identify actions and to be accountable for delivering them
  • A monthly video review of your social channels and website with a written action list to help you communicate your personal brand and core message
  • Content inspiration and engagement tips for your channels 
  • Weekly ‘office hours’ where you can put your questions to me via email or WhatsApp

Access to my online training library:

  • How to get to know your ideal audience
  • How to identify your strengths and develop personal brand values
  • How to update your LinkedIn profile in 10 easy steps
  • 10 LinkedIn tactics to grow your audience and influence
  • 10 steps to growing in live video confidence

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3 month minimum commitment required, 1st month to be invoiced in advance to secure your slot


Nicole is an amazing personal brand consultant. Nicole has provided invaluable coaching to help me build my personal brand. What she doesn’t know about building the sweetest of online business presences is not worth knowing. I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole for social media, digital marketing and brand building consultancy and training.

–  Rachael Le Marquand, Founder Social Wings

Nicole is a dynamic, motivating marketing and personal brand mentor who will kick-start you into action, breaking down the ‘must do’ steps into doable chunks – highly recommended.

Stephanie Rosilio, Executive Coach

I’ve worked with Nicole over a number of years. Her infectious sense of enthusiasm, energy and fun help her to get the best out of people. She is creative, knowledgeable and highly professional. Full of ideas, she’s also a very good listener, so works well with senior people to take their ideas and turn them into practical solutions. Most recently Nicole helped me devise a LinkedIn strategy which is already showing great results. She is a joy to work with!

Tim Stocking, Managing Director

When I think of social media consultants (I know several), your brand is the one that stands out the most. That means you’ll naturally stand out if someone asks me for a recommendation. This is the essence of why it’s important to build a personal brand: you get a better chance to become someone’s favourite. With your motivational style I can see how you can help people build their own brand on social.

John Espirian, technical copywriter, LinkedIn expert

How much time do I need to invest?

We’ll assess together how much time you have available for Wunderstars and I’ll tailor your ‘homework’ between calls to reflect that.

I do want to work with people who are ready to take their business to the next level, and I recommend that you commit a minimum of 60 minutes per week.

As business owners, we’re all short of time. Making time to market yourself and your business, will help you get better paying clients and ultimately free up some of your valuable time.

I’m known for being German and efficient and I’ll share all of my productivity and time-saving hacks with you. 👍


What support will I get as a Wunderstar?

We will have one 90 minute strategy session each month – during which we review your goals, set actions and explore tactics for growing your audience.

At the beginning of each month, I’ll review your digital footprint and provide a video with the feedback and a written action list for you. And if we agreed homework, such as writing a new about you page, creating a new blog or recording a new video – I will review these too, so that you get better and better!

I’ll share regular content ideas and engagement tips for your channels and audience to make it easy for you to create interesting channels.

Wunderstar VIPs will have access to an online training library, with resources covering:

  • How to get to know your ideal audience
  • How to identify your strengths and personal brand values
  • How to come up with your content sweet spot and on brand content ideas  
  • How to update your LinkedIn profile in 10 easy steps
  • 10 LinkedIn tactics to grow your audience and influence
  • 10 steps to growing in live video confidence

Most importantly, when you get stuck, have a burning question or need a bit of extra encouragement, you can contact me in between the sessions via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, I’ll be holding weekly office hours so that you can continue making progress towards your goals every week!  


What format is the online training offered in?

Online training will be a combination of work-sheets, videos and exercises.

I really respond to face to face contact, homework and direction when I have an end goal. Is this for me?

Absolutely. We will have a Zoom call every month and will keep in touch weekly via WhatsApp.

In between meetings, there will be tasks set to will help you meet your goals and you can ask questions whenever you are stuck  – I want you to succeed 🙂

I don’t know anything about social media, can I still join?

Yes this programme is for people who have limited knowledge of social media. My aim is to take the fear out of social media and to help you look great on your chosen channels.

We’ll explore your goals, this could include building your profile on LinkedIn to get noticed by senior decision makers or to set up a Facebook group for your clients.

I will not overwhelm you with information but rather take you through the basics at your own pace.

I don’t want to set up my own business is this still relevant to me?

Yes, recruiters will check you out on LinkedIn, the world’s leading B2B platform and this programme will give you the confidence and skills to have the best possible LinkedIn presence. I’ll show you how to optimise your profile and how to grow your audience.


What is the aim of this program - will I be self sufficient after a period of time?

The aim is to get your marketing off the ground by creating all of the essential building blocks at a pace which works for you. I’ll offer consultancy for a range of building blocks, including :

  • Creating a personal brand (I’ll guide you through the process for developing values and a visual approach) so that you can be seen as the expert in your niche
  • Improving or building your website
  • Optimising your social media presence
  • Launching a newsletter and lead magnet to grow your audience
  • Planning and creating content to build an audience of people who know, like and trust you, and ultimately BUY your services.

The aim of the coaching programme is to make you self sufficient. As you earn more income, you’re likely to outsource some of the marketing activities to free up your time and enable your business to grow. For example, a social media manager could run your social media accounts.

Throughout the programme, I’ll share training videos with you and help you to apply the marketing learning to your unique situation.

My biggest fear is doing all this and not seeing results

We will be applying tried and tested, best branding and marketing practice. I have a wealth of experience and am skilled at breaking down goals into actions and helping people work through them, providing additional support as it’s needed.

I really want you to succeed and for this reason, am only accepting 6 Wunderstars at any time. My own website traffic grew by 200% and social media referrals by 150% within a year and I am now paid to speak at industry events.  I will take you through the same process, presenting all the shortcuts and tons of encouragement.

Our goal: To grow your audience, to increase your visibility and to increase your bookings.

My first Wunderstar client increased his hourly rates by over 80% within one month of starting to work with me. We launched his first LinkedIn video (from never having recorded a video) and it had over 1200 views, 90 likes and comments within 48 hours of posting. What sweet results! 

What if I change my mind?

A 3 month minimum commitment is required. Following this, you can cancel on a monthly basis.


Have you faced redundancy and understand the need to improve your presence on social but have no clue about how to make your social media profiles work for you and feel overwhelmed?

Do you feel like hiding away?

I can help you to identify and reach your ideal audience with an authentic and consistent personal brand which reflects your personality and experience.

You will receive 1-1 support and bespoke advice based on 20 years experience delivering marketing strategies for industry leaders.

I came to Nicole at a crossroads knowing I needed a new direction for my business but not knowing how to embark on it. She gave clarity on how to re-position myself as an Instagram trainer and how to scale up my business in the process. This included convincing me of the benefits of video marketing. I launched four Instagram workshops under her watch, the most recent one being a sell out. Thanks to Nicole I now have a credible business which I believe in.

Nicole really pushes her Wunderstars. She is ambitious on our behalf because at the end of the day she wants us to succeed.

- Georgina Krone, Social Media Consultant and Instagram Trainer

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