How to face your fears and start with video

I’ve been recording videos for just over a year now and it’s been one of the most rewarding aspects of my content marketing strategy for Lollipop Social in 2018.

While helping entrepreneurs get started with video, and also on my own learning journey, it struck me that confidence is holding so many of us back from really tapping into this amazing marketing tool.

At the beginning of this year, I blogged about video making: feel the fear and do it anyway, which acted as a great motivator to keep going and eventually feel confident recording my own videos.

How can you learn to feel more confident?

Starting to record is nerve-racking. But the great news is, we all look and sound more confident on video than how we feel inside.

The biggest thing I learned is to let go of the need to be perfect. People do not expect Hollywood-style productions when it comes to small business videos.

Accept that you won’t be perfect straight away, it takes practice. When I look back at my first video I can see how much I have improved since then, from the set up to keeping the energy levels up and promoting lead magnets.

So how can you grow in confidence?

  • Set yourself daily or weekly video challenges
  • Participate in the popular #VideoReplyDay on Twitter, go live on Facebook and post videos on LinkedIn to connect with your audience
  • Buddy up with a peer to practice and receive honest feedback
  • Join a supportive video learning group. If you are already a Go With The Pro member, take the Boost Your Video Confidence course, which will help you get started
  • Read books such as Vlog Like A Boss by Amy Schmittauer and watch YouTube videos

Measuring success

Success will look different for everyone and it’s important that you have a clear goal to measure your efforts against and then be able to refine your approach. One measure of success is the kind of conversation your videos have opened up for you and your business.

At the beginning of the year, my goal was to increase the reach of my personal brand for Lollipop Social.

Helping entrepreneurs to develop their personal brand is one of the services I offer, so I wanted to show the kind of results you can achieve for your business. Investing time in my own brand and content marketing has had a great impact on my business, as I share in this blog.

How to build a strong personal brand

Advance your learning with every video

Every time I record something new I review the video and seek feedback from my video editor about what I could do differently. Tips I have picked up over the past year include:

  • Show personality – you are your brand, so let your personality shine through
  • Before you film the entire video, test everything: sound; framing; light
  • Pick a time for recording when your surroundings are as quiet as possible
  • Write a script to avoid waffling and ensure you highlight your key points
  • Have details of your lead magnets ready
  • Consider the actions you want your audience to take

I stay up to date with the latest developments in video marketing through social media and also as a member of Madalyn Sklar’s Video Like A Rockstar mastermind, where I learn about the latest tricks and tools.

Above all, I continue using video regularly. As a co-founder of Go With The Pro I regularly jump on Facebook Live to share tips and advice with our growing community.

Introducing Wunderbar The Marketing Efficiency Show

I’ve come a long way in a year, and am now comfortable enough with video to host a regular show – Wunderbar The Marketing Efficiency Show – in which I share tips on how entrepreneurs can get noticed by the right people. In addition, the Wunderbar Freebie Factory includes checklists to make it easy to implement the tips from each episode.

Video, above any other content marketing activity, makes your brand relatable and encourages people to get in touch. What makes filming videos worthwhile is the amazing feedback you get from viewers who have learned from you and applied your tips to grow their businesses. It’s so rewarding when you successfully encourage people to let go of their fears and grow.

What’s next?

Watch the latest episode of Wunderbar The Marketing Efficiency Show, which is about how to grow in confidence for making your own videos.


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