Do you sometimes attend events and observe the people at your table who seem to live tweet with confidence?

As an entrepreneur, when you’re attending an event it’s a significant investment of your time, in addition to your ticket cost and other related expenses.

Live tweeting is important. It allows you to create a powerful digital footprint, showcasing to your audience that you’re investing in your own development and keeping on top of all the latest industry news and trends.

One great way of promoting your attendance at events and engaging in the dialogue with the community is to live tweet.

Six compelling benefits of live tweeting:

  • It allows you to engage with attendees and speakers before, during and after the event.
  • It’s a conversation opener during the event – helping you to break the ice during breaks.
  • You can keep a log of your learning. Many people prefer live tweeting over traditional note taking.
  • Live tweeting creates fresh content for your social channels on the go. You can later embed tweets in your post-event blog.
  • It offers an opportunity to ask questions during event and to truly engage in the live debate.
  • Tweeting always increases your reach – good tweets will be retweeted by the event attendees and key speakers, getting you in front of a much wider audience.

Why are not more of us live tweeting?

Mastering Twitter takes practice and confidence, especially if you’re not used to its fast-paced nature. It can sometimes be overwhelming to listen to everything that is going on around you while also trying to say something interesting on Twitter.

I believe there’s no better way to learn than just getting started. I always ask my clients, what is the worst that can happen? If you make a spelling mistake, a tweet can easily be deleted from your timeline. Take the plunge and give it a go at the next event you attend.

I have extensive experience of live tweeting both for myself and on behalf of my clients. Every new event allows me to add to my live-tweeting toolkit and build my skills so I’ve created a handy checklist and 2 videos with tips to help you improve your own live-tweeting skills.

How to boost your live-tweeting skills?

Learn how to live tweet at your own pace, one event at a time: Getting to grips with live tweeting will prove invaluable at networking events, award ceremonies and trade shows, so it’s worth investing time in learning it.

Learn from your peers: When you go to your next event, observe people who you think are live tweeting well. Ask yourself, what tricks do they use? Why are their tweets so appealing? Once you’ve reviewed your peers, you can cherry-pick from the best techniques used.

Prepare, prepare, prepare: The best way to improve the impact of live tweeting is to prepare for it in advance. Create some on-brand images in Canva or Adobe Spark that can be adapted during the event.

Consider content themes: Think about the content themes at the event and ask yourself why you decided to attend the event in the first place. If you go with your questions in mind, you’re more likely to be able to pick up some interesting points during the event.

Do your research: Make sure you look at the speaker agenda and learn all you can about them. What are their areas of expertise? How can you relate your tweets to them? By thinking about these questions in advance you will be able to prepare some tweets that will be relevant to the speakers, which will help you connect with them.

Think how you will make your tweets stand out: Wherever possible, use images. These should be a mix of images you have prepared earlier and pictures you take on the day.

Emojis, gifs and lists always grab attention, so think of ways to be creative and make sure you choose emojis and gifs that support your brand message.

There are more tips to help you live tweet like a pro on our checklist, which you can download for free. Finally, know your strengths. If live tweeting isn’t your thing, hire support. 

At Lollipop Social we understand that some entrepreneurs are simply too busy to live tweet. It is possible to live tweet remotely, and we’ve supported our clients at events such as trade missions in Australia and award ceremonies in London. Book a Lollipop Sweet Pick Me Up to explore how we can help you stand out at your next event.

Updated September 2018