Twitter chats are highly informative and interactive online events that bring together like-minded people and do wonders for your engagement. Why should you make time for Twitter chats?

They are a fantastic way to reach your tribe and to increase your profile and position yourself as a thought leader.

Recently I was asked if you should be actively pursuing becoming a guest? Yes, you should. It pays to be proactive with your own marketing. We can’t afford to remain the world’s best-kept secret, can we?

Here are my 8 tips for increasing your chances of being invited to be a Twitter chat guest.

Know which are the right Twitter chats for your audience

We are all time-short so make sure you’re looking at relevant Twitter chats for your business. Focus your efforts by spending some time understanding who your ideal customers are talking to on Twitter.

Participate in the Twitter chat and become a known voice

Once you know which Twitter chats you’re targeting, make sure to attend them. Every community has a different feel, so it’s a good idea to spend some time getting to know the audience. If you missed the time slot, the organisers usually publish a recap in the form of a blog or Twitter Moment.

Have a voice, don’t be a quiet mouse

Don’t just lurk in the background, but comment on tweets and interact with the audience. See this like an online conversation: don’t just talk about yourself, but ask questions and RT posts of participants. If you went to a party and just talked about yourself, you’d be the most boring guest – it’s the same with Twitter chats.

Nicole Osborne TwitterSmarter

Make an impact: use all the tools at your disposal

Showing up is not enough – share valuable tips and make a visual impact. You can achieve this by using emojis, gifs, lists and on-brand images, which you can create in Adobe Spark or Canva ahead of time. My tips for live tweeting will help you boost your impact on Twitter.

Above all, offer value. If you have a relevant blog post, share it, but don’t come across as too sales focussed as this will put people off.

Nurture relationships on social

Connect with the organiser across different platforms. Comment on their updates and share their pinned tweets and posts. Over time, this will help you build a relationship in which you add value to them.

Pitch your topic and how it’s relevant to their audience – show how you can add value with a short synopsis of how you could offer solutions and answers to topical questions.

Put your best foot forward – ALWAYS

When organisers are looking for new guests, they search on related Twitter chats. If your social profiles have a strong personal brand and it’s easy to get a flavour of what you are about, you’re more likely to stand out. So look after your profiles and keep them up to date and on brand.

Nicole Osborne #ContentWritingChat

Simply be helpful

I once got a Twitter chat guesting stint because the planned guest had to cancel at the last minute. I stepped in and did a good job for the audience and organisers, which led to other online marketing opportunities.

Be prepared to be helpful, even if this is sometimes difficult – for me, it meant I ended up running a Twitter chat from my mum’s kitchen in Germany! The positive feedback I received, however, made it all worthwhile.

If you can’t find a relevant Twitter chat, start the conversation

If there is enough of a community in your business area, and people who are willing to share their opinions, why not start the conversation yourself? This positions you as a thought leader and expert in your field.

Along with my Go With The Pro co-founders I am launching a new Twitter chat, #GoWithThePro, on Thursdays at 8pm. We’ll be covering topics that will help freelancers and solopreneurs to plan, launch and grow their business like a pro.

Why not join in the conversation on Twitter, where you can ask any questions about your growing business?

Do you need to inject a sugar high into your next Twitter chat?

Have you been invited to be a guest on a Twitter chat, but don’t know how to prepare? I can help with your personal branding, creating tweets and engagement on the day. Get in touch for some sweet help.

Or are you looking for an engaging guest for your next Twitter chat or podcast? I enjoy sharing tips on personal branding and how to become more efficient with your marketing and social media. My recent Twitter chat guest appearances include #ContentWritingChat and #TwitterSmarter.

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