Over the last ten years, there has been a profound change in the way we do marketing. I burst onto the scene as a marketer before the explosive evolution of the social media marketing world. So you can say that my skills were a little outdated in recent times.

I decided to bridge my skills gap in social media marketing, so I enrolled in the highly innovative Digital Mums: Strategic Social Media Management Programme.

This is an accredited programme designed for mums who are looking to find more flexibility in their existing careers by gaining kick-ass social media skills – Digital Mums’ mantra is to propel mums to find #WorkThatWorks. And it was during this course that I nurtured a deep-rooted love of Twitter and its potential for marketing.

My Secret Sauce Cooking Class with Madalyn Sklar

I learnt about the Twitter Secret Sauce during the Christmas break in 2016. Prior to this discovery, I’d been super busy delivering social media campaigns for my clients and could never find time to develop my own voice on Twitter.

It was such a positive experience, that I’d like to share my learning and Madalyn Sklar’s tips for Twitter success in this article. Are you ready?


As one of my goals for 2017, I was determined to boost my own social media presence and I came across Twitter guru, Madalyn Sklar, during my influencer research. That was the start of an exciting new journey:

  • Hootsuite: is my new best friend – a fabulous social media management tool that helps me organise and schedule my workload. Since using Hootsuite and scheduling my own tweets, I have doubled my monthly impressions to over 45,000.
  • Twitter chats: my new favourite thing. I’ve participated in chats, including #TwitterSmarter, #SocialROI, #Bufferchat and #Hootchat – such an energising way to learn new things and widen my audience reach.
  • My phone wouldn’t stop buzzing; notifications poured in daily, and my followers increased by 65% within 5 weeks of applying Madalyn’s Secret Sauce.
  • I was very responsive and always engaged with my audience. And that’s especially important for Twitter.
  • Twitter lists quickly became my favourite tool for organising and accessing great content, so finding valuable content never felt like a chore.
  • Engagement was my new middle name and people reciprocated. My engagement rate increased to 2.2% and my likes shot up by a staggering 235%.

Here is what Madalyn had to say when she heard of my experience with her tips for Twitter success:

“Nicole is a great example of taking my Twitter Secret Sauce tactics and applying the strategies. The simple act of engaging more frequently will increase your mentions and build up your followers. Follow Nicole’s lead and you’ll see incredible results.”

Where to learn more? 

  • How to use Advanced Twitter Search by John Espirian
  • The Secret Sauce to Boosting your Twitter presence by Madalyn Sklar. Join her weekly popular tweetchat #TwitterSmarter on Thursdays
  • Which Twitterchat should you join for your business? Join the new #GoWithThePro Twitterchat on Thursdays 8PM UK time and get the ultimate UK list from fellow Digital Mum graduate Danielle Bayes

I’m so excited to announce that Madalyn has asked be to be a guest on her famous #TwitterSmarter tweetchat on 8/3/18. I hope you can join at 6pm (UK time).

What’s cooking next for me in this exciting learning journey?

One untapped tool from Madalyn’s Secret Sauce is the Advanced Twitter Search function. I can’t wait to learn how to utilise it to increase my reach and target prospective clients.

And drive them to @Lollipop_ Social. Since graduating from the Digital Mums course, several of my friends and business contacts have approached me for advice on boosting their social media activities on LinkedIn and Twitter.

With my new-found appetite for all things social, I’m keen to explore how I can help them supercharge their own social media profiles. Who knows, I might even launch a lunchtime Twitter chat this year. Let’s wait and see…

What are your top tips for Twitter?

Updated January 2019.