Are you tired of creating content but nobody actually seeing it?

In this episode of Wunderbar the Marketing Efficiency Show, I show how to not just increase social media engagement but to send it through the roof! My 7 sure-fire tactics will increase reach and get you noticed by the right people, even when you’re short on time. Watch the video and let me know in the comments what tips you can share.

Discover my 7 go-to tips for increasing social media engagement

Everyone strives for an engaged audience on their channels, but how do we actually achieve this? Follow my easy tips to get noticed and connect with the right people.

1. Show personality to increase social media engagement

Social media is not the place to be boring and unsociable. You cannot blend into the background. So don’t be afraid to be sociable and let your personality shine through. People buy from people! How do you achieve this?

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion. Show your personality by engaging with your community, by being present and by asking questions on a daily basis.

2. Truly be present on your main platforms

I am not suggesting you should spend all day on social, but schedule two slots a day when you know you will go in to check your notifications, engage with people, and thank them for sharing your content. So for example, on LinkedIn, before I tend to post something, my aim is always to go in there and comment on, like and share five posts by people from my audience.

And be generous with sharing other people’s content. To really save time on Twitter, make sure you add key people onto a Twitter list so you can easily check out whose content you need to retweet or comment on. Do you use Twitter lists? Let me know in the comments field.

3. Use video to connect with your audience

All the platforms at the moment favour video. Now, video doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Simply learn how to go live then you won’t have to do any editing. With a bit of planning, going live doesn’t have to take you long.

Check out this blog, there’s some great tips on how to go live on Facebook. And if you feel nervous about being in front of the camera (let’s face it, it’s not the most natural thing to do) there’s some great ways to overcome this too.

What can you talk about in your videos? Well, what kind of questions do you tend to get asked a lot? You could answer these in three points or do a live Q&A and you will quickly learn what your audience’s actual pain points are.

To be efficient, commit to going live in a consistent way, tell your audience where they can find you and show up. This way they know when they’ll see you and what kind of content to expect. 

Now, if you want to film and edit your videos yourself, there are four apps which will make it really easy:

  • Lumen5
  • Videoshop
  • Clips
  • Clipomatic

Have you tried them yet? Let me know in the comments field. Or are there any other apps you can recommend?

4. Spark a conversation by asking engaging questions

Asking questions is an obvious way to drive up engagement. But I often find that people struggle with what to ask. So here are a few examples:

  • Ask your audience what they’re hoping to achieve that day/week/quarter
  • Ask what their favourite business book is
  • Ask what challenges they face that week

For more ideas for engaging questions and content, which you can tailor to your business, download my popular e-book which offers 40 free social media post ideas.

The next trick when it comes to increasing engagement through asking questions is to tag a couple of people in your tribe on a platform where you know they’re likely to reply. 

In this way you show the algorithm very quickly that your post is popular, and it will then show it to more people. And to save you time, you can repeat the same creative every quarter or so. Just adjust it a little bit in a platform like Canva.

5. Always use eye-catching and on-brand images when sharing content

With the exception of LinkedIn, where text-only posts perform really well, make sure you use eye-catching images for your social posts. Now, you can create them in a very time efficient way using apps like Adobe Spark or Canva, then build up a bank of great content that you think your audience is going to love. Apply the same when sharing  content from external sources

Do you share content from external sources?

You definitely should. But if you don’t believe the author has used an eye-catching image, just add your own for a bit of sparkle. And to save you time, build up a spreadsheet with all the links and all the texts from a post full of great content so you can easily go back there in the future and post it again. You can also add a link to the image on your Google Drive so that you have everything in one place.

6. Add your own stance when sharing content from external sources

When you are sharing external content don’t just copy exactly what it says, but do add your own stance to it. It is so important to show that you have an opinion. For example, if I was to share seven tips, I could say, “And number six is my favourite. What’s your favourite?” Also, tag the author to increase the likelihood they’ll engage with your post.

7. Use data to share content your audience loves

We always hear: share the kind of content you already know your audience loves.But, how do you find out? Well, number one, use the native analytics. So for example, if you are on Facebook, go onto Insights. If you’re on Twitter, check out the Twitter analytics, but also check on your website for Google Analytics to see which posts have sparked the most social referrals. And create more of the same kind of posts.

Now, I know you’re really time-short, so I’ve created a special ebook for you with free ideas for 40 posts for your business that will drive up your engagement rates on social media.

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