A roundup of #SummerBizBootcamp  – getting your biz in shape this summer

This Lollipop Social campaign was designed to bring you all the latest social media tips, trends and inspiration. Read the highlights here on Storify.

Nicole Osborne, founder of Lollipop Social and a graduate of Digital Mums herself, hired me, Emma Wevill, a trainee Digital Mum, to plan and manage the campaign and manage the social channels for the summer.

What was #SummerBizBootcamp?

A campaign designed to help ambitious entrepreneurs with their social media and marketing needs. We offered tips that could be applied immediately to any business – allowing you to make the most of the summer holidays.

It has been a fantastic learning curve for us here at Lollipop Social. Nicole and I have been picking up new skills left, right and centre – Pow! Pow! Pow! – but there is always more to learn, particularly in a fast-paced industry such as this.

What have I learned as Lollipop Social’s social media manager?

The best content sources to keep on top of industry news and trends. My recommendations are:

  • Brand Quarterly for in-depth, intelligent ways of driving digital media forward with integrity and innovation.
  • Social Media Examiner for quick tips and tricks for every aspect of social media and the platforms, with a real commercial focus.
  • Marketing Week for asking all the questions on the tip of our tongue, like, what is the ROI of influencer marketing?

What were the best industry events over the summer?

Throughout the summer Nicole and I attended many industry events, our favourite being General Assembly’s Rapid Growth for Your Business Through Content and Social Media session. The event set up the campaign perfectly. The key speaker, Laurie Wang gave some very insightful tips, which shall influence all the work I do, moving forward.

Top tips from General Assembly talk on content and social media

Being great at marketing is HARD. Why?

  • Fragmentation of attention span
  • Huge competition on social channels
  • Massive expectation of customer service

TOP TIP: Stop trying to be simply great – be really, really useful instead.

Date your audience

  • Your audience needs information
  • Trust is king
  • Relevant right now
  • How does content work with social?

TOP TIP: The better you can help, the better you can sell. How can we help? Every single day.

Our favourite Tweet Chats

In addition to the offline events we have attended, we have joined many events online, otherwise known as Tweet chats. Nicole is a regular on #TwitterSmarter and #SoulfulPR and I tried and tested #SproutChat, which I found to be great. Why not join one yourself?

#SproutChat is hosted by authoritative industry figures who lead the chats.I found sharing and understanding other people’s responses is a great way to learn.

Next up, creating fantastic assets is so essential to a brilliant campaign. Making sure they are on brand and consistent throughout the campaign is key. So many tools and new techniques exist.

Canva, Big Stock and Hootsuite have been brilliant, making life quick and easy, while maintaining good quality. Content needs to be created super fast to be truly reactive.

Top tips #SproutSocial – creating great content on the go. 

  • It’s all about timing – being able to show behind the scenes or a live event. Great for engagement to connect with your audience in real time.
  • Be authentic – do not over edit, the more authentic your content, the more engaging it will be.
  • Be in the moment, edit later – video from phone needs to be good quality and compelling. Try using a tripod to stabilise and plug-in microphone for good quality sound.
  • Creating new content from the old. They key is repurposing content without it feeling old or tired.
  • Take more pictures and video than you think you will ever need. Slice long videos into shorter versions, make quotes from blogs, save live video to repurpose across other channels.

Video is the most consumed content on social platforms today and set to carry on increasing at a rapid rate.

Nicole has started working on her vlogging skills this summer. Taking part in #VideoReplyDay on Twitter and reading ‘Vlog like a Boss’ have really helped her to be able to do that. It is all about getting out there and doing it. Experience counts for everything it really is the only way to learn.

Finally for me the monitoring, measuring and refining of the campaign has been imperative to its success – tracking all aspects to optimize where possible.

My learnings have been endless. For businesses interested in a trainee social media manager like myself, get in touch with Digital Mums here,  My Twitter and LinkedIn.

It has been a massive learning curve and has opened up a whole new digital world of amazing people, content and socials. I have captured the campaign highlights here on Storify.