Do you want to make your brand more relatable and get it seen with video marketing? The statistics show there is no better time than now to get started with Facebook Live.

So what’s stopping you going live?

For many entrepreneurs, a huge barrier to using Facebook Live is the fear of being on camera. I have written about how to overcome this fear before, but it was something that came up again in my interview with digital marketing expert Madalyn Sklar, who shares my ‘just do it’ attitude to Facebook Live.

“Just go for it,” says Madalyn. “Take a deep breath and talk. Talk about anything. Have fun and, eventually, your friends are going to start popping in to watch and they’re going to comment and it’s going to build into a conversation and it’ll be fun.”

To get you started, here are my 20 sweet tips for injecting a sugar high into your next Facebook Live.

Getting started with Facebook Live

  • Be honest about your fears and what’s holding you back. Then tackle them step by step.
  • To grow in confidence, set up a private Facebook group with a friend to practise. Try these 6 challenges.

Facebook Live Challenge

  • Commit to recording a quick video every day for a month – it really helps. Either do this on Facebook or record video replies on Twitter.
  • Practise looking right into the camera until it comes naturally. It is so important to establish a connection with your audience, but it can feel a little uncomfortable if you’re not used to it.

Preparing for success

  • Use bullet points to prepare a short video script, ensuring you have your intro, main points and call to action ready. Have any links or social handles to hand.
  • Plan what additional content you could promote in the comments field, such as blogs or your newsletter sign-up page.
  • Test light and audio, whether using your desktop or mobile. Daylight is great. Use a lapel microphone to enhance your sound. Here are some examples of my favourite video equipment.

  • Be prepared for the unexpected – for example, the doorbell ringing – just deal with it. This is what people love about watching live video. But do turn off the notifications on your phone by going into airplane mode.

Going live

  • Don’t waffle. Aim to be live for 4 minutes or less and stick to the script.
  • Don’t look at yourself on the screen, look straight at the camera.
  • If you’re showing notes on screen, reverse the camera setting.
  • When you start recording, remember to also greet people watching the catch-up as this is where the majority of views will come from.
  • Start talking as soon as you are live. Don’t wait for people to turn up – that’s so boring for your viewers.
  • When people join, acknowledge them briefly but don’t spend too much time on this – you don’t want to bore people watching the replay.
  • Encourage people to interact with your video – to like, comment and share.

After you’ve gone live

  • Choose an attractive image as the thumbnail for the Live after it’s been recorded. Make sure it looks attractive on your newsfeed and entices people to watch.
  • Tag people you mention to make sure they see the post.
  • Keep the conversation going by engaging with comments to drive up engagement and reach.

Sweet top tips for Facebook Live

  • If you’re using split-screen to interview someone, and you’re using the Facebook app on your phone, both of you have to either be in landscape or portrait mode for it to work.
  • Try BeLive to get you started – a web app for broadcasting Facebook Live videos. It’s so easy to use and produces professional results. Plus, you can bring in guests and highlight comments.

What’s next?

Has this inspired you to see if Facebook Live can inject a sugar high into your marketing? If you’d like to brainstorm some ideas, book a free Mini Sweet Pick Me Up.

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