How can you get amazing results from your social media marketer? Our experience has shown that to get the best results for your business, you need to make it easy for your social media marketer to immerse themselves into your brand, target audience, sector and ways of doing business.

But the work doensn’t stop here, we see best results when clients invest time in the ongoing relationship with their social media marketer.

Read our second blog in this series to explore 8 additional tips for empowering your social media manager. Have you missed the first blog in this series?

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1. Plan ahead for customer service queries

The nature of social media means that its 24/7. Explore with your social media manager upfront who the best point of contact is on your team for addressing any customer service issues and set out a procedure for how and when to escalate urgent matters.

Social media is the face of your business and you need to empower your social media manager to deliver effective crisis management when necessary. Having access to apps like Google Hangout or WhatsApp can facilitate this.

2. Why would you want to miss out on the benefits of social media advertising

Organic reach on social media is declining, especially on Facebook. You should dedicate a minimum of £100 a month to boost posts and better reach your target audience on Facebook.

There are many benefits of social media advertising for smaller businesses. For example, it allows you to measure the effectiveness of your creatives for just a few pounds – so you can easily tweak your campaign based on the results you found.

Work closely with your social media manager to nail the best approach for your marketing objective and budget.

3. Content marketing is not just a buzz word — it really matters

Great content connects with your audience. It aims to educate and add value to their lives. Many social media managers are excellent writers and can create thought-provoking content for you.

However, their content can only be as good as the information you provide. Yes, they can conduct research to find relevant information, but they’ll need your input to develop tips – remember you are the industry expert in your field.

On LinkedIn, you must dedicate at least an hour a week to contribute to relevant groups, share updates and write regularly. Your social media manager will then be able to extract content from your posts. It’s a two-way street – don’t forget.

4. Promote your social media channels across all your customer touchpoints

Do not overlook existing marketing opportunities to promote your social channels. For example, ensure that all your email signatures and newsletter templates include icons to your channels, and add these on printed marketing collateral and your website.

This is a great way of encouraging your audience to engage with you on social. One of my clients held a #ThankYouParty for staff, suppliers and main clients. The entire event was branded with highly visible social media icons across TV screens and branded gifts which made the client’s social media presence a great talking point throughout the event.

5. Don’t skimp on tools that will make your collaboration easier

Hootsuite is a useful scheduling tool that allows you to monitor activity across all your social channels. It’s great for when you’re just starting out with your social media manager and getting a feel for how content distribution works on social media.

When you’re at events or want to share behind the scenes content, take a photo on your phone camera and share it with your social media manager using WhatsApp or Google Hangout – these are great tools for on-the-go communication.

When hearing about this new blog, two of my fellow @DigitalMumHQ graduates shared their additional top tips.

Christina Monitz

6. Good communication truly starts with you (!) – by Cristina Moniz 

“Communication is key. Things can often get lost in translation, so it’s important for you to clearly outline your expectations from the start – as the social media manager will be guided by you.

Emails can often be misread, so just pick up the phone and have regular chats to ensure that you’re both heading in the right direction. Do email your social media manager afterwards to recap on key points.

Or if you’re too busy, ask them to email you. In any case, agree your preferred approach to communicating and always keep on top of it.”

7. It’s all about video, video, video – by Cathy Wassell

“You must have heard it by now, 2017 is the year of video. Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg famously said that 90% of the social network’s content would be video-based by 2018.

So you really need to be thinking about what value-added video content you can be creating to help sell your products or services.

This may be an add-on service your social media manager offers but in general it is not part of their role and indeed it may require the services of a professional videography company. However, it will be money well spent as video needs to be part of your social media this year.”

Cathy Wassall

Cathy Wassall

8. Be the central point of contact – by Cathy Wassell

“If you have quite a few team members who will be communicating with your social media manager, or if they are a freelancer with multiple clients, it can be a huge time commitment to answer multiple emails from multiple people. Especially, if you are employing them for a small amount of hours per week.

Make everything easier by collating questions into one email just once or a couple of times a week. It’s much better they are being creative on your account than dealing with extra admin.”

We hope this list of tips has offered you some new ideas for working with your social media manager. Whether it’s an in-house team member, agency or freelancer, good social media is all about connecting with people. The more you invest in your relationship with your social media marketer the better results you will get.

Have you missed the first blog in this series, read it here.

Guest authors: 

Cristina Moniz, social media & content strategist – you can find her lurking on Twitter @thatlondonmum

Cathy Wassell, founder of Socially Contented, can be found either walking her spaniels, feeding her children or being attached to her phone & laptop – sometimes all at once.