Are Germans more efficient?

Am I a natural at managing my time well? I wish the answer to both questions was yes, but like everyone else I have great weeks and then weeks where nothing goes to plan and I run out of time for everything!

Developing an irresistible personal brand on social takes time. More so when we’re just starting out when probably all of our time is taken up working in our business and we’re unlikely to have the funds to outsource.

Never stand still: to grow our business and work with more of the right kind of clients, we need to make time for building our personal brands, otherwise we’ll stand still and always trade our time for money.

You may not like selling yourself and your services on social media but a strong personal brand will help you find your niche and allow you to position yourself as the best solution to the problem of the people who you want to work with!

Worth making time for, don’t you agree?

If time-management isn’t your strong point, read on!

As entrepreneurs we need to keep our skills sharp and work outside our comfort zone on a daily basis.

So recently I attended an online productivity workshop by Tiana Wilson-Buys. Tiana had been a popular guest on the #GoWithThePro Twitter chat and I loved her straight talking tips and advice.

6 ways to make more time for your personal branding

Here’s how you can apply these tips to create more time for your own marketing and for building an irresistible personal brand:

⏳Be selfish with your time and use handy tools such as Zoom and Calendly to take back control. Using them has transformed how I approach all of my meetings. (I even trained my mum and our babysitter to use Google calendars to make scheduling easier. The only person refusing to give up his paper schedule in favour of digital is my hubby, I’m still working on him!)

I now completely avoid “Can I buy you a coffee and pick YOUR brains for free” meetings… my time matters to me! Once you share your expertise for free, why would that person want to pay for your services? Think about the value you add and if you really feel like you need an initial chat, offer a 15 min discovery call.

⏳To avoid being distracted by social media, use your phone’s timer for social media/email work. I usually limit this to 30 min twice a day and treat myself with a coffee / cake or G&T when I successfully stick to it.

It’s so important to be present on our two most important channels, and two daily slots will mean that you can deal with all your engagement in a time-effective manner!

⏳Be aware of your energy levels and plan your days and breaks accordingly. For example, I’m a complete morning person so try to get through the most ‘challenging’ tasks before my lunch break. I also treat myself to ‘feel-good walks’.

⏳Every morning and afternoon I decide what my three most important things to get done are (and I tackle the once I like the least first). These go on a pretty post it note (all things I need to remember are on my Trello boards), and personal branding and content work take priority!

⏳My diary shows chunks of time for all my projects, including Wunderstars client work, creating promotional content, special projects (such as preparing for speaking gigs) and time for Go With The Pro members – the awesome community for social media freelancers I run with three other co-founders

⏳I avoid multitasking, it really doesn’t work for me. This means I switch off notifications on my PC and don’t check my phone until it’s time for my email/social media slots.

What was my biggest revelation from the course?

The biggest revelation from the course with Tiana was to schedule only 75% of my time to allow for flexibility when things go wrong. Let’s face it, as working parents and solopreneurs we need to sometimes roll with the unexpected!

And on days when I don’t need the extra 25%, I use it to create additional content for both my businesses… you can never have enough on-brand content in the bank. I actually find bulk-creation of content so much easier than the last minute rush to meet deadlines.

People always say to me: Nicole you’re everywhere, how do you do it as a working parent?

I love planning tools like Trello and I’m strategic with what I focus on. If a new request doesn’t help with my business goals, I say no so that I have time for the activities which propel my personal brand forward, whilst being fun at the same time 🙂

How do my Wunderstars clients make more time for their personal branding?

My Wunderstars clients are seeing great results, they are more efficient with their time and so have more of it to work on their business – rather than just being in it!

When we first start working, my Wunderstars complete a time log and goal setting session so that we know:

  • How much time they have available in a typical month
  • How much time is committed for client work
  • What their financial and marketing goals are for now, in 3 and 5 years
  • How much time we need to ring-fence for marketing activities to grow their pipeline of people they want to work with

Then we work out a plan for their personal brand homework and I help them achieve it. Why not check out my new Wunderstars 1:1 coaching programme and let me help you fast-track your online results with my mixture of social media, personal branding and content marketing coaching. All boosted by my fun German motivator style and tons of empathy and encouragement.

If you’d like some inspiration for how to make better use of your time to build your personal brand on social, sign up to the Sugar Rush, where I regularly share personal branding, marketing and social media tips!

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