Build your personal brand with behind the scenes content

Behind the scenes content – it’s the latest marketing buzzword.

But many solopreneurs or small business owners I know struggle with the concept and really don’t know how to use it well to promote their personal brand.

We all know the cliche ‘people buy from people’. But I think it needs updating… People don’t buy from people, they buy from people they TRUST!

Sharing content from your day to day working or even personal life is a great way to show people who you really are and build trust in your audience.

I give loads of easy ideas in this episode of Wunderbar the Marketing Efficiency Show. All the ideas can be implemented in less than 1 minute… now, that is German efficiency! Let me know in the comments which idea you are going to do first.

Building your personal brand with behind the scenes content

Why do we struggle with behind the scenes content?

Often, it’s due to a fear of being judged, especially on LinkedIn.

My advice is to try it out and let the stats speak for themselves. I can guarantee your audience will love it.

Just sharing a picture of you working on your laptop can be scary, especially if you come from a corporate background where you’re probably used to very ‘staged’ behind the scenes content like the ‘team meeting photo’!

Nobody’s asking you to show the super messy side of your office and I’m not even saying don’t edit your behind the scenes content, but it’s good to give people an insight into your real world.

Yes, sharing behind the scenes content means you need to let people in.

We don’t have to air our dirty washing in public. You decide what’s on-brand content for you and what will build a positive perception of you and your business.

I recommend deciding upfront how much of your own backstory or your ‘why’ you want to share. Talk about this with your family too, because you’ll need their support.

By sharing this type of content you and your business will be so much more relatable and memorable. It will help you to demonstrate what makes you different .

So, when you’re planning your behind the scene content, don’t focus on how you’re similar to others (by copying exactly what they do), but find your own style which sets you apart.

Own your difference. It’s OK to lean into your flaws. Behind the scenes content doesn’t have to be of Hollywood style production. Remember, people buy from people.

As an example, here’s Victoria Flemming sharing her popular #ShoutOutSaturday on LinkedIn where she gives an insight into who she likes working with.

Behind the Scenes content to build your personal brand - Victoria Fleming

Hear it in her own words: “I started shouting people out on LinkedIn because I realised it was something we just didn’t all acknowledge – how much people have supported and helped us along the way. Originally that was all I wanted to do!

But an unexpected side effect has been people interacting form these posts and actually creating business opportunities – I know of at least two pieces of business across my connections and one within my own business that has come form these shout outs… and they were never aimed at that!

What I love most is that it feels great to be acknowledging people you have met along the way – and the engagement it gets seems to echo that other people love it as well”

Why does behind the scenes content help you to build your personal brand?

I said earlier people buy from people they trust. Within our different sectors many of us will have the same message, but as messengers we are completely unique.

Behind the scenes content allows us to share our ‘why’ and the way we do what we do. To us this might be boring, but it’s all part of our ‘brand you strategy’.

Let’s be honest, we don’t feel drawn to people who have it all and are simply perfect.

Behind the scenes content makes you more real and likable to your audience. We’re our business so why not let people in?

We always compare ourselves to people who are further ahead of us which doesn’t make us feel inspired or able to achieve what they have. Sharing behind the scenes makes us more approachable – ‘If they can do this, I can do this’.

Need more convincing to post behind the scenes content?

Here’s three examples of personal brand behind the scenes content I’ve used on LinkedIn. I mention this platform because most people struggle with the concept of posting something ‘less than perfect’ on LinkedIn.

  • When my mum came over from Germany, I posted a reflective message about how challenging being a working parent can be. This received over 120 engagements and over 3500 views.
  • I can’t draw, but when I shared a mind map of a talk I was preparing, I received over 40 engagements on LinkedIn
  • I shared behind the scenes content whilst being a guest on marketing podcasts which were posted on LinkedIn. This has led to one of my biggest bookings to date.

What are you waiting for? Give it a go.

Running our own businesses means operate outside of our comfort zones on a daily basis.

In an ever changing social media landscape we have to find new ways of engaging with our audience and presenting ourselves as the best solution for their problems and challenges.

So I invite you to move outside your comfort zone and post behind the scenes content which is unique to you, your business and your message.

Be brave and I’m sure the stats will, in time, offer you even more motivation to include behind the scenes content in your social media strategy. You can do this!

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