Live video is such a powerful tool for conveying your personal brand in a relatable way. Social media channels favour video, so use it to beat the algorithm and increase your reach.

Entrepreneurs often struggle with getting started, as we explored in our popular blog: Video making: feel the fear – and do it anyway.

I supercharged my own video-learning journey with the ‘Video Like A Rockstar’ course with one of my favourite social media influencers, Madalyn Sklar.

So when I got the chance to interview Madalyn live on Facebook, I jumped at it. Here are our top tips for how entrepreneurs can get started with live video. As the picture reveals, we both love Twitter lists, but that’s a different blog!

Don’t delay getting started with video

“If you have not been using video and live video yet, you want to get your feet wet,” says Madalyn. “I would recommend getting on Instagram and do a Instagram Stories.

“It allows you to do these on your phone, to just do little 15-second video snippets, which gets you used to staring at yourself on the phone because when you’re doing it, all you see is yourself.”

Twitter Tip

Our Sweet Tip:

If you’re on Twitter, reply to one of your followers by creating a video reply. It’s easy to do, will make your follower feel appreciated and build your own confidence.

Stuck for video ideas? Share a tip or anecdote

As Madalyn says, “it’s a little weird at first recording live videos. Just talk as if you’re talking to your best friend and share a tip. For example, I’m always out walking my dog, Max, so I’ll just hop on and make some Instagram Stories.

“Then you can go that step further and do an Instagram Live or a Facebook Live,” she adds.

“We all have the ability to come onto Facebook and do a live video for our community, whether it’s on our profile, our page or our group.

“Just hit the button and do it – it will get easier over time. You’ll start building up confidence.

“Here’s what’s interesting,” explains Madalyn. “The first time we all do this, we think, ‘I’m worried about what other people will think. What are my friends going to say if I do a Facebook Live on my profile?’”

Our Sweet Tip:

You are likely to get positive feedback from your community. To further grow in confidence, find a trusted video-learning partner and create a private Facebook Group. Set yourselves a range of daily challenges with increasing level of difficulty and practise every day for 2 weeks.

Video learning blog

Here are 6 ideas for mini video assignments:

  • Tell your friend what you wanted to be when you grew up
  • Share your story about why you set up your business
  • Pick a question you frequently get asked by your clients and offer 3 tips for addressing it
  • Go on camera while outside and talk about a blog you’re planning
  • Tell a story about how you helped a client
  • Interview each other

Overcoming the initial video fear: ‘Just go for it’

“Just go for it. Take a deep breath and talk,” says Madalyn. “Talk about anything. Have fun and, eventually, your friends are going to start popping in to watch and they’re going to comment and it’s going to build into a conversation and it’ll be fun.

“Then you have the ability to add people to your Live, and do a side-by-side, so they’re right on the screen with you. You can have so much fun with this, but it won’t happen until you try.

“I encourage everyone to just hit the button and have fun with it. Smile, enjoy it. Talk like you’re talking to your best friend. Give it a go. Every time you do it, it will be easier, I promise.”

Madalyn Sklar Quote

What’s stopping you from getting started with live video? Video making: feel the fear – and do it anyway explores the most common fears and misconceptions entrepreneurs have about making videos, and offers tips for overcoming them.

If you need some help to kickstart your business’s video-making, get in touch and book a Sweet Talk. We can share best practice and help you plan a video script.