Welcome to the Wunderbar Freebie Factory

We were excited to launch our new Wunderbar Marketing Efficiency Show and the Wunderbar Freebie Factory.

Here you will find all the time saving freebies and checklists we mention during the shows – and more!

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Become more efficient at managing your LinkedIn – The wunderbar checklist

Stop wasting time and manage your LinkedIn presence more successfully and efficiently to generate leads for your business.

Learn how to do this with the handy Wunderbar checklist.


40 post ideas for sweeter social media post


All social media channel algorithms favour content that sparks a conversation.

If you’re looking for new and fresh ideas for how to make your social media marketing more engaging, check out our free ideas.


build your personal brand on LinkedIn – the wunderbar checklist

Here are our favourite time saving tips for building your personal brand on LinkedIn from Wunderbar The Marketing Efficiency Show.

Download our checklist to help you build your sweet LinkedIn brand.