ARE YOU READY to sweeten up your MARKETING? 

Helping ambitious and adventurous entrepreneurs grow their business with sweeter marketing has been a long-time passion of ours.

Our founder, Nicole Osborne, started her first marketing and sales job when she was 15, supporting her family’s business selling sunglasses at markets in Wismar – a beautiful German seaside town.

The same sales and marketing principles apply today as they did then – identify the pain points of your prospective customers and help them discover your products and services as the perfect solution to their needs.

Nicole’s market stand in Wismar thrived as she quickly pinpointed which sunglasses suited each individual’s face shape and budget and, above all, simply made people feel great when the sun was out!

Delighting customers with your services and products makes good business sense, but getting this right takes real dedication. We understand that as a business owner you can sometimes be too busy to look after your own marketing. But, if you don’t proactively drive your marketing, your company will remain one of the industry’s best-kept secrets.

That’s where Lollipop Social comes in: we help you connect with your customers and ultimately drive sales. Whether you’re looking for strategic marketing support or a more engaging presence on social media, our mission is to sweeten up your marketing with 100% know-how and sweet results.


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